Well as you might have noticed, I changed my layout once again. This time it was not that I did not like the style I had, it was due to the style killing my content and time.

I spent so much time aligning everything, that I did not have any time to write. And when I did write, I would then spend some more time aligning my content into the multi column layout I had.

The new design is just basic as you can see, but it will allow me to write, and not worry about alignment. Also, I can post quick entries from the editor and the iPhone App, and not have to rush to fix it up.

Hopefully, this will open my mind and allow me to post what I want, and when I want.

Additionally, I added my Featured Content Slider back, since I can display it in this new layout wihtout major Formatting issues, and added CSS to squeze it where I would like it to go. I do need to update it, as it is still displaying the stories I had when I took it down.

I just have a couple of needed changes to make, but they are just for Browser look/feel, as well as some Font Color changes, but I can do these without spending way too much time.

To Sum: It might be ugly, but it works for me.


AuthorMichael Zampino