A couple weeks ago, I had some free time, so I took a trip into New York City to attend the 140 Character Conference (or for you Twitter folk #140Conf) Networking Event. There I met Claire Chang, and she told me all about the company she works for called Lazyfeed.

As Techcunch put it:

Lazyfeed is an interest feed for blog items. It indexes about 100,000 of the most popular blogs and organizes posts by topic. The hottest topics, as determined by related tags, pop up to the top. On the home page it shows you the hottest topics of the moment, which offers an easy entry point into the service.

You can also do searches for particular tags, and the most recent posts with those tags start streaming into the reader. You can save tags as favorites in the side bar. and return to them. The service might include Twitter hashtags in the future, but right now it is focused on showing the most recent blog posts about a particular topic.

That night after returning home from the Networking Event, I signed right up for the Beta. The morning of their launch at the Real Time Stream CrunchUp I got an email with the invite code, and I was up and running at no time.

Here is the Lazyfeed at Crunchup Video:

Right now they are still in Invite only Beta, but as soon as they open up, I'll let you know.

Here's to being Lazy!!!

AuthorMichael Zampino