In looking for a new job, I have signed up for every known Job Board out there (Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder, etc...). Most of the responses I get are scams, jokes and in no way follow any of the job type / category settings I have setup and have listed.

The other day I received an email telling me that they noticed my resume and thought I would be a perfect match. This is pretty much the common email response I get before they dump a horrible position description in my lap.

But this one was different. This one made me think: "Is this even legal???"

It came from an overseas company, and offered me a work at home position. First it explained that due to some international law, they could not setup a bank account in the US so they can work with other US companies. Then they explained that to get around this, they would hire me, and all I had to do was receive an $8,000 wire transfer from them to my bank once a week, then transfer $7,000 to their partner / customer company in the US, keeping $1,000 for myself as a salary.


I have received almost every Nigerian Letter (also called the 419 fraud) email in the book, sometimes I receive them as much as 2-3 a day, but I have never seen something this ludicrous.

So I ask you: Is this even legal???

Let me know...

AuthorMichael Zampino