Wow, the months of March and April flew by way too fast. With all that I had going on between umpiring school, work, and now actually umpiring games these last to months, it seems like only yesterday it was March first.

As an update:

I passed both my baseball and softball umpiring exams. Baseball with a 99%, and softball with a 92%. I can tell you that the softball test was much harder due to the many differences in the rules between the two sports, and trying to keep them separate in my head. Since I was scheduled to take the baseball exam first, I didn't look at softball for the week and a half prior to the exam. After the exam, it then took me a good week to dump all the baseball rules out of my head, and study just for softball.

So far umpiring is a blast. The only draw back is all the junk comments you get from the parents that don't know a thing about either baseball or softball, and think that their kid is going to pull a huge scholarship to college, and then sign with the Yankees. I don't blame them at all. I would probably do the same thing, but at least I would know what is going on in the game.

If your an umpire or playing ball, I wish you the best season, and all the luck...

Play Ball!!!

AuthorMichael Zampino