Over the past couple months I've been noticing a ton of Tweets that have Blip.fm in them. From being on Twitter for a couple of years now, I chalked it up as just another one of the four billion URL shorteners out there.

The other day I was sent a DM on Twitter from a friend asking if I would like to check out their Blips. I clicked the link thinking that I was going to get to their Blog, or some kind of newsfeed, but instead and to my surprise, I was taken to their Blip.fm playlist.

I immediately started listening, not just to do so, but because they had some great songs in their list. I also read Blip.fm's site info, and signed right up.

You can check out my Blip.fm playlist here: http://blip.fm/mzampino

If you enjoy what I've been playing, please feel free to follow me. I will follow you back and give you a ton of Props.

Rock on!!!

AuthorMichael Zampino