It may not be the best News App for the iPhone, since it doesn't feed news from all over into it, and it doesn't have multiple topic categories like the others.

But be that as it may, in being very basic, and setup into news sections exactly like its newspaper counterpart, it is still a great app worth having.

Additionally for me, since USA Today is my favorite newspaper, due to it actually having news worth reading in it, and after reading the description of what you can do with the app, I had to download it.

The big plus, and the number one reason I downloaded the USA Today App was, in being a huge Twitter fan, the feature of having the ability to Tweet out news articles.

At work we are blocked from all Social Media web sites, so the iPhone is my only route to monitor everything social media throughout the workday. As you may know, the one minus of the iPhone is the lack of copy and paste, so any app that helps you tie things together is a huge help.

No more reading news on the computer, shortening the URL, and then typing all into my favorite iPhone Twitter App. I now can do it all from the iPhone.

USA Today is Free in the Appstore.
To use the Twitter feature, you need to have the recommended Twitterrific App, which is also Free.

AuthorMichael Zampino