Well, after my initial excitement back in August about availablility of adding Disqus Comments to my Squarespace site (New Commenting Method), I jumped right on it, and added it. This lasted pretty quick, due to their code being a bit buggy when interacting with Squarespace. While a couple of us fought the code, we were able to get it to function correctly, minus a couple features. It did seem like it was working, until I got a couple messages that there were issues.

Well, I think with a couple people contacting Disqus about it, and more playing with the code, I was able to get it back installed on the site and it working correctly (as far as I know). I'm not sure how long they will last installed here, but I have yet to find an issue.

If you see anything odd or buggy, please let me know. Also, I can give you the needed code to install this on your Squarespace site. Just let me know...


AuthorMichael Zampino