Well, after killing off my Sidebars in my latest redesign, I got upset that the only thing that I ever liked in my sidebars was my Twitter Feed. So I took out a piece of paper, and tried to come up with a plan to get my Twitter feed back on my site.

There were two ideas that I initially had. One, was to create a DIV off to the right side of the Content area, like I have my Social Media Links on the Left. This looked and worked well, but ran into an issue of my canvas being too wide, and on a normal 1024x768 screen resolution, it was getting chopped. So, idea number one was scrapped.

The second idea I had, was to add them as the top row of my Footer area. This initially worked out well, and I might go back to this idea, when I redesign my Footer. The only reason I pulled it for now was that it was hard to read if I tried to squeeze more than four latest tweets in, due to font and due to the legnth of the tweets. I have a plan for correcting this, but I'm adding it to my list of Footer modifications for now.

Well since my two cool ideas of what to do with the Twitter Feed were shot down for now, I decided to give it its own page. This actually worked out well in that I was able to stretch each Tweet line out legnthwise, so that it fills the entire Content area. Additionally, it gives each one its own line, with the Date Stamp Status link right underneath each one.

I hope you like what I did.

You can see the Twitter Feed Page Here.

You can follow me on Twitter Here.

Let me know what you think in my newly designed Comments area.


AuthorMichael Zampino