I did it!!! I quit smoking!!! As the Ball dropped on New Year's Eve, my last cigarette was flicked from my fingers.

As I started to put my New Year's Resolution plan to Quit Smoking together about two weeks ago, I did a lot of research on quitting. From reading people's blogs on how they quit, to seeing every garbage company out there trying to make money off of me by selling me the worst lines/products of crap I have ever seen.

After all that reading and research, I really wanted to find the best way to quit and pass it on to you.

I did, but not from reading. I found it in going good old Cold Turkey!!! That, and tapping into the greatest resource of support in the world! My friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter. I am still amazed at the amount of support and strength I received from everyone that I mentioned I was quitting to.

I just have to thank everyone again, and offer up my support to them in return.

With my willingness to quit, and everybody's amazing support, I am now on Day 5 of being Smoke Sober.

You can do it!!! Stay strong!!! Stay tuned!!!

AuthorMichael Zampino