My friends over at Social Gaming Network have created the best game I have played on my iPhone to date called iGolf. The current version is just a driving range simulator that is similar to playing a game on a Nintendo Wii, you swing the iPhone like you were swinging a golf club. Using the iPhone accelerometer it measures your swing and hits the ball for you down range measuring your shot distance at the same time.

Play by yourself, or challenge your friends to a distance contest. Either way it is great fun, and a great game.

Rumor has it that the next version will allow you to play a full hole, from tee to pin.

Caution: Make sure you have a good grip on your iPhone while swinging. Like the Wii before the wrist straps, you might accidentally chuck your iPhone out the window or against the wall.

It's free, so if you don't have it already go to the App Store now!!!

You can watch a demo on TechCrunch.

I'll give you a heads up and review of the new version as soon as it is released, but for now I'm off to beat my record of 427 yds.

AuthorMichael Zampino