Just when I thought things could not get better, TwitterFon (iTunes Link) releases an update to their iPhone App with some great new features. As a Twitter addict and being mobile most of the day, keeping up with and posting Tweets is a big thing for me.

First - I can now favorite tweets, so I can go check them out later when I get a chance to get on Twitter.com. This is great, because sometimes opening some TweetLinks on the iPhone take too long to load, and there are some Tweets that I would like to Re-Tweet without re-typing them on the iPhone.

Second - The new color scheme makes it easier to see and differentiate between new and old Tweets, reply Tweets, and Direct Messages especially when being outside in the sunlight.

Third - I can now pull up a Tweeter Contact List when posting tweets, so I do not have to remember the spelling of their screen names.

Fourth - What??? It now has a built in search section that I can now search for Tweets by location, keyword and trends, similiar to if I was using search.twitter.com.

Fifth - I can now post pictures via TwitterFon to TwitPic. I have yet to do this, but I now have a reason, and the access to do so.

And lastly - I have no other reason to switch between Twitter Apps on the iPhone to do certain things. All is now in front of me.

One request if anyone from TwitterFon is reading: Since Copy & Paste is lacking on the iPhone and as stated in my first point, the ability to Re-Tweet would just make a Twitter and TwitterFon addict a happy man.

AuthorMichael Zampino