With all the mention of "Change" over the last two years in regards to the 2008 Presidential Election and the future of this country, I have taken a step back to look at myself and my future. Can I change???

Yes I Can!!!

I am going to make 2009 the year of change. Whether it be a little change or a huge step. As little as quitting smoking, to as big as moving the entire family and starting our lives over. Will I change???

I will make sure of it!!!

Looking back at 2008, I have made some changes already. This blog for instance, is a change. I have never in my life written anything other then book reports and essays in school, or even dreamed of writing anything more than that. To me, what I have done so far with this blog, I have found it an enormous change. So much so, that I have just started the process of making my first attempt at change for 2009. Using what I have learned from writing my blog over the past couple of months, I am going to write a book and become an author. Do I fear change???

Not any more!!!

With the last couple of weeks left until the end of this year, I will make every attempt to look at everything I do, how I do it, why I do it, and find a way to make changes to it for the better.

I will document my changes on this blog, and I will also let you know how the book is coming along.

Can you change???

Stay tuned...

AuthorMichael Zampino