Yesterday I got a note on Facebook from my friend Shervin Pishevar, CEO of SGN (Social Gaming Network) about a new game he released for the iPhone called iBowl.

After my experience with their first game for the iPhone - iGolf, I immediately grabbed my iPhone and went right to the App Store and downloaded it.

Without reading the instructions I went right to the game and started bowling. Swinging my arm as if I was bowling all over my living room. My 7 year old Daughter saw what I was doing and wanted to play too. I wanted to finish my 10 frames first, so I told her she would be next. After bowling a lovely round of 85, I gave the phone to her to give it a shot. After a quick tutorial and a big warning on trying not to throw my iPhone across the room, she started off on her 10 frames of bowling fun. 

While she was playing I went to check my emails, and discovered I had none. Upon my return to the living room, I saw her jumping up and down as she got strike after strike. I could not figure out how she was doing it, because I could not get more then 6 pins down at a time. She finished her game with a score of 147. I could not believe I just got beat. I needed to know her secret so I let her play another round. While watching her closely, I noticed she she was moving the ball around and aiming. Aiming... How simple a mistake I made in not reading the instructions or being 7 to figure it out.

Her second round, she bowled a 170. After learning her secret, and reading the instructions, I bowled a 151. She had beaten me again.

As for the game, it is awesome, and a great followup to iGolf. We played over and over till my battery died.

Tonight, we are playing iGolf version 2, which lets you play a full round of golf, not just a driving range distance contest like the original version.

I'm wondering what SGN will bring me next... I'll let you know...

AuthorMichael Zampino