It’s that time again for me to talk about my favorite gaming company of all time: Social Gaming Network (SGN). They have done it again in releasing another amazing game for the iPhone.

First came iGolf, then iBowl, and with having over 2 million downloads and both reaching #1 spots in the top 25 on the App Store, it is just natural that they continue the streak of their excellent Wii type games.

I introduce to you iBaseball.

You start off as the pitcher, and try to pitch either fastballs or curves to strike out the batter, who tries to hit your pitch. When pitching, the accelerometer in your iPhone controls the game play, and records your pitch speed. After the pitch, you can watch to see if you get a strike, or if the batter knocks it out of the park on you. You can also check, and keep track of your pitching stats.

After the third out, you become the batter, and get a chance to swing for the fences.

I have to put a big warning on this game: Please hold your iPhone tight. I launched mine across the room while trying to go for the world record for the fastest pitch. After thanking god for my sofa catching it, and the scare of almost having a broken iPhone, I noticed that I only pitched a 76mph fastball.

Also, if your team didn’t make the upcoming MLB World Series this year, don’t just sit on your sofa and pout. Like their other games, you can create your own World Series by challenging your friends to see who is the best batter or fastest pitcher.

iBaseball is free (iTunes link), and it is loads of fun.

Additionally, if you have all three of SGN’s games (if you don’t, what are you waiting for???), keep an eye out for updates. From the hints I’ve been reading from articles about SGN’s CEO, Shervin Pishevar, there are some great things coming.

Stay tuned...

AuthorMichael Zampino